viernes, 15 de julio de 2016


Bandera de la Hispanidad en las Américas, 
adoptada como símbolo de las Américas
por la séptima conferencia internacional Americana 
de Montevideo el 13 de diciembre de 1933

Today marks one of the feast days of the Order, the final victory of Godfrey de Bouillon and the knights of the First Crusade in the Siege of Jerusalem in 1099. 

In our present era, when we regularly learn of the brutal slaughter of innocents by merciless jihadists, we would do well to reflect on the fact that the First Crusade was inspired by the need to protect Christian pilgrims who were being attacked while traveling to pray at the sacred places in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The same hatred for the Faith that caused peaceful pilgrims to meet a cruel death so many centuries ago now motivates attacks in Nice, Orlando, Paris and San Bernadino as well as the horrible genocide against Christians in Syria and Iraq. 

As Grand Master of our most noble Order, I call upon all of our knights and dames to rededicate ourselves to our knightly vocation and to pray for the victims of modern terrorism and for the souls of those knights who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Faith so many centuries ago.

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