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MajGen ret. Norbert SINN 
Hauptstrasse 41 A - 2263 Dürnkrut Dürnkrut, 

28.08.2014 Your Excellency, 

Please accept my kindest regards to you and all your sheep. I received you adress from Military Bishop Dom Osvino José Both, who encouraged me to write to you. 

Allow me please first, as the acting president of the Apostolat Militaire International (AMI) to introduce ourselves: AMI is an international acting organization of military lay people, dealing with all questions of moral and ethics and especially how to deepen Christinaity in our respective Armed Forces.

AMI is accepted by the Holy See as a Catholic Organization. 

Many countries worldwide are member or cooperating partner of AMI, one of it is CELAM! 

2015 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of AMI, and we are happy and proud that Spain declared to invite AMI to host this special conference in that place, where AMI was founded fifty years ago: Santiago de Compostela. 

Allow me please to invite you and a delegation of military responsibles from Argentina to take part in our yearly conference in the year 2015 in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The over all theme of the Conference will be (working title) „

Serving Christian as a soldier“. The conference shall take place from september 6th – 11th, 2015. 

Allow me further to inform you that this year‘s conference will take place in Slovakia from September 21st to September 26th, 2014 in the town of Modra , situated on the eastern flanks of the Minor Carpathian mountains in the very west of Slovakia. 

The conference theme of 2014 will be „100 years after the big war and the moral and ethical challenges for the future“ and „How can Evangelii Gaudium be inspirational for military personnel in the future, moral and ethical?“ 

Even this theme is a programmatic one and from our point of view of extreme importance while regarding the deteriorating security situation worldwide. 

Of course it would be a pleasure for me and AMI to receive already this year a delegation from your country. 

Beside this I would be happy to inform personally all members of CELAM about principles, goals and tasks of AMI during the next conference of CELAM. To fulfill this task I take it as a personnal challenge to learn Spanish that way to be able to talk about our organization in your language! 

In expectation our your answer I remain with my kindest regards and May our Lord bless you and all the members of the Armed Forces of Argentina 

Respectfully Yours 

 Norbert Sinn, MajGen ret 
President of AMI 

Llmo. Mons. Pedro Candia 
Obispado Castrense de Argentina 
Av. Comodor Py 1925 

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