sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

Ayudando a los niños en la pobreza - Ayudar a los niños para la vida en un mundo mejor. Embajadora Cultural de la Orden en Perú

Projects will be announced very soon. Thank you for your kindest interest in helping us to make the world better for our children.
Coming soon at this place a list of prjects we are undergoing. If somebody would be interested to participate actively in assisting in projects, performing them in their local country by dealing with government organizations and taking care about conversion of these projects as an Ambassador of Goodwill, please contact me directly here through the message system.
“Helping Kids in Poverty” is an association aiming to contribute to the help for Children who are living in poverty, mainly in Europe, but as well in other continents. We are supporting children to get a better life, starting their life with better education, enables them to get some possible holidays in their youth like others in better situated families, finding possibilities to collect gifts for them, toys, technics like computer where they can start learning how to connect with the world they are living in. Money collected here will support diverse projects in infant schools, orphanages and other institutions keeping children in this state of poverty.
Ambassadors for this project will be announced ongoing, every public known person who has interest to support us in the public is welcome and will be announced on our special Ambassador´s page. They will be mentioned there with their activities and companies.

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